hospitality consulting & interim management

Our SERVICES focus on core areas
of the hotel business:

Operation economics

The purpose of business is to generate profit. Is yours optimal? We will perform audit of operational management and evaluate economic indicators. We will optimize the rate of return and profitability. We will define key performance indicators and set up managerial accounting. We will also implement key processes related to the protection of property and revenues.

Sales & marketing

Setting up an effective sale can be more complicated than inventing the product itself. Are you dissatisfied with the sales or occupancy? We will design an optimal portfolio of services and define target groups, distribution channels, and price strategy. We will set up an effective reputation management and fine-tune revenue management.

Quality management

Are your services at a professional level? We will design and implement the necessary standards and create a training programme. We will perform a personnel audit and propose a professional development of your employees. We will set up an optimal organizational structure and describe information flows.


Do you want to open a hotel but do not have the necessary know-how? Do you want to make changes to the establishment you operate? We will be happy to design a concept of operation and prepare a comprehensive business plan. We will carry out the entire process for you, including the launch at the market.

Crisis management

Every business is accompanied by ups and downs and, sometimes, even crises. Failure can be sometimes overcome with great effort; usually crisis management needs to be involved.
We will identify the problem and suggest possible variants of a solution, including the duration. We will implement the measures into operation.

Each PROJECT takes into account the specifics and uniqueness
of the hotel operation and is usually implemented in 5 stages:

  • 1.
  • Assignment
  • 2.
  • Analysis
  • 3.
  • Proposed solution
  • 4.
  • Solution implementation
  • 5.
  • Completion and handover of the project

Our TEAM consists of renowned experts with many years
of experience in the field.

Jiří Švaříček
Petr Milský
Otto Kašparovský

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